Saying Goodbye To Summer In Style

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Saying Goodbye To Summer In Style

 Written by: Rwitre & Leslie Homier, MBA



Oh, summer our sweet fickle friend;

you’ve just been with us a hot minute (pun intended)

and you already want to leave.

If you love summer as much as we do;

then you will want to close the season with style.

What is probably the best thing about this time of year;

are all the cool new fashion trends that come up.

From woven bracelets to matching couple tees,

this particular summer had a lot to offer.

Here are 5 of the best of these fads that no one will judge you for rocking during fall.   


5 summer fashion trends we can’t bear to leave behind  


  1. Off-shoulder crop tops

This is one summer-appropriate trend we simply cannot get enough of.

Crop tops just seem to go with everything;

whether you choose to pair it up with daisy duke shorts

for a beach day or mum jeans for brunch with the girls.


The best part is the variety offered by this simple style

with different designs including tube top designs,

loose and flowy cuts;

and so much more.


 If fall tends to be warm where you are from;

 there is no harm in dragging this trend on a few more months.    


  1. Dude shorts Guys everywhere also had their craze

with shorts being among the most popular fashion items this season.

They seem to look awesome;

be it a pair of casual jean shorts or comfy cotton shorts.


For the bolder gents out there,

the short suit made a subtle comeback

…and is perfect for making a statement at any semi-formal summer soirée.   


  1. Statement tees This is a trend that both men and women

are enjoying this season.

Everyone knows that there is no better time

to unleash your t shirt collection than summer.


These ones, in particular, allow you to enjoy

the comfort of loose

…and airy shirts while also making a cool, witty or politically important statement.

It could be a matching His and Hers tee

for you to go twinning with your significant;

other on your date.


it could also be a Funny shirt with an important message;

meant to raise awareness about something.    


  1. Flowy maxi dresses

These dresses are perfect for all sorts of occasions.

Throw a leather jacket on your drop neck dress;

…and you are ready for the club.


Put on a sun hat and some shades with your flowy high-low cut

and you are beach-ready as it gets.

The best thing about this trend is that it is one of the few that summer

and fall share.


So, you do not have to say goodbye to these goddess uniforms just yet.    


  1. Layered wrist accessories

This is another one for both genders;

and a truly cool way to make a subtle fashion statement.

It is particularly awesome for summer with all the high sleeve tops

that leave your arms boring and bare.


You could have woven bracelets, brass wrist cuffs, charm bracelets

and even throw in a beaded piece because why the heck not.

The staple in every wrist layering is, of course, a stylish watch;

and is one thing you cannot afford to leave out.  


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All the best,


Rwitre & Leslie Homier, MBA

Contributing Writer(s), Blogger(s)

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